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Corporate Webbing offers several products that integrate seamlessly into your existing web site:
CWLinkManager 4.0 CWLinkManager 4.0- As a means of bringing users back to a site on a regular basis, may organizations are establishing web communities. Our link manager application assists in community building by giving users a means to share resources. Users submit URLs for other relevant web sites they view frequently via the link manager tool. Upon approval by someone in your organization, the tool places the link on your community page for other members to browse and enjoy.
CWNewsletter 2.3 CWNewsletter 2.3- Authoring a newsletter has never been easier! Our newsletter application allows your organization to quickly and easily implement a permission marketing campaign or send internal messages in newsletter format. This user-friendly tool provides a templated interface enabling anyone in the organization to produce a professional looking newsletter.
CWSurvey 1.2 CWSurvey 1.2- Wouldn't it be great to be able to generate customized forms and surveys for use on your web site without the assistance of a programming professional? Now, you can! Our dynamic form generator allows you to develop forms by creating subject areas and questions within those areas. In addition, how people respond is up to you--text response, radio buttons, check boxes, etc. When a survey or form is submintted, an email is sent to a designated contact in your organization AND the information is stored in a database for future viewing via the application's reporting capabilities.
Faster CWCalendar 3.1- Does your company sponsor corporate events such as conferences or seminars? Wouldn't it be great to have a central place for customers to go and see all your offerings? Our interactive calendar can be integrated with your current web site for easy event listing and updating. In addition to date, place and time, our calendar can assist in automating the registration process. CWCalendar 3.1 is not limited to the Internet exclusively. It can also be used on Intranets or Extranets. And, with slight modification, the tool can be used on all three mediums simultaneously!

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